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Why does Sutton Coldfield Town Centre need a BID?

  • There is a major threat to town centres as we know them, from out of town locations, from competitive local centres, from the Internet, and from weakness in consumer spending. We need to defend current service levels; attract inward investment; and maintain additional investment in existing businesses in the town if we are to offset market restructuring and prevent further erosion
  • We need an organised town centre, where the voice of businesses is heard, to protect services and ensure that things that are needed are done
  • The improved business environment created by the BID should encourage a greater variety of businesses to move into the town centre and therefore reduce the vacancy rate
  • Now is the time to invest so that we are organised in a positive manner to meet the challenges and capitalise on all potential opportunities. We must aim to be better organised than competitors to lever a competitive advantage
  • We need to exhibit Sutton Coldfield Town Centre’s “offer” as a single brand which is well-marketed and advertised. This will unite the three main areas of the town centre in a combined and powerful way and integrate the offer effectively: High Street / conservation area; the Mall and other retailing areas around the Parade; Birmingham Road
  • Sutton Coldfield Town Centre is the second largest retail/business centre in Birmingham. It sits in the wealthiest area of the Region. An organised and successfully run town centre provides an opportunity to capitalise on this asset. A successful town centre will attract businesses considering relocation and operation within the BID area. This is evidenced by recent inward investment, but more is required and a BID can improve the prospects of businesses relocating here
  • The BID is business-led and business-oriented and will focus on key measures and outcomes that sustain and increase transactions and profit

Our vision

“To enhance Sutton Coldfield Town Centre as a place where people want to shop, live, work, and relax by promoting a high quality, diverse and welcoming environment which is customer focussed and investment friendly.”