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  • Sutton Coldfield Owl Roll Call of Backers

    Posted On 9 Aug 2016 by Sutton BID

    See below the names of all those who supported our Crowdfunder appeal to buy back Sutton Coldfield Owl.

    Your pledges have helped us bring Sutton Coldfield Owl home to the Royal town! The owl has now taken up its permanent perch outside Cafe Nero in The Gracechurch Centre where it will stay forevermore.

    Every penny pledged through the Crowdfunder appeal went directly to Birmingham Children's Hospital £3.6m Star Appeal to help create a Children's Rare Diseases Centre that will provide coordinated care, treatment and support for children living with a rare diagnosed condition.

    Thanks to everyone for their enthusiastic response - your pledges will help make a massive difference to those who need it most.

    As you know Sutton Coldfield Owl will be making its current perch near Caffe Nero its permanent home and shortly it will be mounted onto a new engraved plinth. Watch this space for details and photos, coming soon.


    Crowdfund backer list

    Helen Brown
    Debbie Evans
    The Steggles
    Riland Bedford Usual Suspects of 1982
    Betty Murray
    David, Mary and Will Mellor
    Graham Poole and Jan Walker
    Najm Clayton
    Vernon Brown
    Pat Line
    Rebecca, Lizzy, Bob & Andy
    Eva Rawlins
    Team Cornwall
    Mark Golland and Jennifer Newton
    Clare Watts
    Charlotte Shaw and family
    Joe Turner
    Alison Fielder
    Kate Nevin
    Heather Smithson
    The O'Rourke Family
    Michael & Sandra Hemus
    Janet Jefferies
    Sue Mills
    Natasha Cooke
    Perry Beeches SS Swimming Club
    Brenda Hopkins
    Search UK
    Shirley Sturzaker
    Emma Creasey
    Wylde Green Neighbourhood Forum
    Sarah Conroy
    Serena Dixon
    Denise and Stuart Atkins
    Pat Brown
    Emily Bate
    Savalon Rathbone
    Alex Burrows
    Jen Leavesley
    Claire Latham
    Lizzy T
    Natalie Byfield
    Alison Green
    Hebe and Imogen Lockyer
    Linsey Williams
    Denver Coulson
    Bishop Walsh Catholic School
    Cllr David Barrie
    Trinity Photography Group
    The Powell Family
    Andy Biddle at Bids VLS Ltd
    Birmingham Metropolitan College
    Aspire Sports
    Kings Rise Academy
    Ian & Laura Myatt
    Real Life Church
    The Mackey Family
    Mums in the Know Sutton Coldfield
    Nora Durbridge
    Carolann B Hansard
    Rewarding Visits
    Coburg Banks Limited
    Greater Birmingham Chambers of Commerce
    Paul, Catherine and Caleb Long
    Ashley Yeates at Yeates Entertainment
    Annabelle Barnes, TradePriceRugs
    The Station, Sutton Coldfield
    Andy Jackson
    Michael and Patricia Bushell
    Warwick and Dave at Adventure Graphics
    Charlie, Will & Tom Merckel
    Robson Lister Wealth Management
    Quality Solicitors Davisons
    Wildwood Florist
    DPL Enabling Limited
    Project Fields
    Becki Hay Ward and John Woffinden of XL Finance
    The Gracechurch Centre
    The WAA Foundation
    Burley Browne


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